Our Story

The Lagman Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization established for the purpose of granting scholarships. Led by a distinguished group from diverse areas of influence, including philanthropy, business, and legal sectors, these principals are committed to carrying out the strategic vision of the Foundation.

Founder Mary Lagman Hammond’s experience of having turned her own life around and being given the opportunity to get back on track is the inspiration for the Second Chances Fund. Having been raised in a family where education was a priority, granting scholarships was a natural focus of impact, and in this manner, the Lagman Foundation is her thank you to her family for never giving up on her and providing her with the education and headstart that has positioned her to be able to assist others. It is with gratitude that Mary is able to pay it forward to those who have overcome obstacles and now have the same desire for improving their life and having a positive impact in their communities.

Once the area of impact was determined, Mary immediately assembled a team of colleagues who have demonstrated the same heart for service and are active in giving back to the community. The members of the board of directors bring a substantial amount of knowledge, as well as diverse experiences to the table, and with their capable stewardship the Lagman Foundation hopes to expand beyond the scholarship initiative, with the vision to make a meaningful impact on a sizable amount of students’ lives.

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